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Handy Digital X-RAY Sensor Size # 2 with 500 Sleeves

Handy Digital X-RAY Sensor Size # 2 with 500 Sleeves
Handy Digital X-RAY Sensor Size # 2 with 500 Sleeves Handy Digital X-RAY Sensor Size # 2 with 500 Sleeves Handy Digital X-RAY Sensor Size # 2 with 500 Sleeves Handy Digital X-RAY Sensor Size # 2 with 500 Sleeves
Brand: Handy Medical
Product Code: Sensor size 2
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Dental Digital Sensor Size#2


The HDR intraoral sensors deliver maximum image quality with minimum exposure to radiation. Our sensors are offered in two sizes this advertisement is for #2 size sensor. Key features include simple USB plug and play connectivity; 4,095 shades of gray that provide depth and density; and 16-bit image acquisition. Each sensor consists of a matrix of silicon photodiodes on 22.5 x-ray photons to visible light sensed by the silicon photodiodes. Have an ergonomic shape with rounded edges and are housed in a rugged, thermoplastic enclosure to protect the sensor from everyday handling and cleaning.

Sensor Size# 2 Specifications:

Digital x-ray system substantially reduces the time of taking x-ray pictures for dentist, avoid complicated film development, save money on film, Imaging software greatly increases the efficiency of image management for dentist. Taking pictures at fastest speed, guarding at safest status.
In future medical information society everyone medical information would be transferred over the internet in a digital form.

Key Features:

  • Fast image acquisition and lower radiation to the patient.
  • Simple USB 2.0 plug and play connectivity.
  • 4096 shades of gray provide depth and density.
  • High sensitivity sensors capture more detail.
  • 16 bit images acquisition.
  • New APS CMOS sensor.
  • Applied in aerospace industry.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Extended life time (400,000 times).


An excellent sensor should have a good scintillator, which enhances the x-ray conversion efficiently, and improves light transmission ability. Scintillators guarantee images low noise, This is an essential part that guarantees a high quality image. 22lp/mm: It has the ability to identify details, and low x-ray dose. 22lp/mm, meet the requirement of high definition images with high gray scale to detect tiny flaws on early diagnosis tooth top infection.

High efficiency:

Time is money, fast acquiring results is important in diagnose. Only within a few seconds, the x-ray image will show on the monitor. No more dark room, chemical, or waiting time.

Multi-user solution:

The ideal of (HDR for windows) management system is for providing multiuser solution, sharing information of data center. Plug and play connector makes it available for sensor to be transfer from room to room.

Powerful imaging management system:

Powerful multi-functional imaging software (HDR for windows) Maximum support. Successful application and development of CT imaging software, makes it possible to show early infection. 16 bits image process.

Sensor Spec:

Overall sensor size (L x W)

44 x 32 mm

Sensor thickness

Less than 6 mm

Active Area ( L x W)

1600 x 1200 (1.9M)

Total Pixels (L x W)

1604 x 1208

Intrinsic Resolution

22 lP/mm (22.6)

Dynamic Rang


Cable Length

2M (USB cable 2.5M)

Package comes with:

  • (1) X-Ray sensor size 2.
  • (1) Sensor Holder.
  • (1) CD with imaging management Software.
  • (500) Sensor sleeves.
  • USA Warranty.
  • Free Unlimited Remote Support.

Product Videos:

  • (1) How to install the Digital Sensor.

  • (2) Digital Sensor Software Registration.

  • (3) Digital Sensor Software Use Part 1.

  • (3) Digital Sensor Software Use Part 2.

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