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Apixia PSP Phosphor Plates

Apixia PSP Phosphor Plates
Apixia PSP Phosphor Plates Apixia PSP Phosphor Plates Apixia PSP Phosphor Plates Apixia PSP Phosphor Plates Apixia PSP Phosphor Plates
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Apixia PSP Plates

Phosphor Plates have all the benefits of traditional X-Ray Film with the immediacy and environmental benefits of digital radiography. 
There is no more need for hazardous and costly film processing chemicals with the Apixia PSP Scanner.
After a quick scan of exposed plates, high resolution images are ready to be stored, emailed, and printed at the touch of a button. 
Plates can be used over and over saving time and money on costly traditional film.
Digital imaging is finally within the reach of any dental office's financial and technical abilities.

  • Reusable
    The Apixia Phosphor Plates are re-usable thousands of times to maximize your investment.

  • High Resolution
    With Apixia’s innovative scanning technology, in a matter of a few seconds you can have Crystal Clear X-Rays appear on your computer screen for diagnostics or to show your patients.

  • Faster image development
    A full-mouth series can take 6 to 12 minutes to process with traditional film, compared to less than 2 minutes to scan with Apixia Phoshpor Plates.

  • Paperless Efficiency
    With Apixia Phosphor Plates digital filing and retrieval of patient records mean big time savings and improvements in accuracy.

  • No Costly Chemicals
    Going digital means no more writing checks for chemicals.

  • Affordable
    We wanted to make sure you could great the same great quality as the expensive high end units at an Affordable Price. The Apixia is the perfect X-Ray Unit for any budget.

Apixia PSP Plate Available Sizes:
Plate Size #0 - 35 x 22 mm
Plate Size #1 - 40 x 24 mm
Plate Size #2 - 41 x 31 mm
Plate Size #3 - 54 x 27 mm

This package includes the following:

4- Apixia PSP plates (size of your your choice) 


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