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KDF Neo Super Cascom

KDF Neo Super Cascom
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Clean, easy to use, reliable casting machine, updated with the Newest Technology!

The Neo Super Cascom uses a lab environment friendly, long life, newly developed Ceramic heater which will not overheat the alloy.

The Neo Super Cascom is a high powered casting machine with a maximum melting temperature of 1500°C and maximum alloy melting quantity of 150 gm.

The Neo Super Cascom is a state-of-the-art, high quality, casting machine which uses a highly precise and accurate Vacuum Pressure Casting system with multidirectional pressure application.

The Neo Super Cascom can cast a broad spectrum of alloys from Silver to Chrome Cobalt in a variety of inlays, crowns, implant frameworks, and metal plates with extremely accurate casting results.

With our long distinguished experience and advanced technology, we have made a safe, clean, easy-to-use, yet highly precise casting machine.


Excellent Casting Results

The innovative furnace muffle with heating element melts alloy without overheating, porosity or gas absorption in the alloy associated with gas torches. The inverting muffle chamber isolates the alloy oxide layer keeping it from mixing with melted alloy. The Neo Super Cascom incorporates vacuum and 0.44Mpa (64psi) Pressure to accurately cast the most complicated and delicate casting.


Neo Super Cascom
Cast Sample – Smooth Sample

Centrifugal / Induction
Cast Sample – Rough Surface

Extreme Long Life and High Efficiency Ceramic Heater

The newly developed ceramic heater at high temperatures (over 1400°C) has a 3 X longer life than our previous ceramic heaters. Melting efficiency has been increased to allow more castings at once.
Maximum Capacity: Gold, 150 gm (5 troy ounce) – CoCr, 45 gm (1.5 troy ounce)



Cast a Variety Alloys

The furnace is capable of casting numerous alloy types including silver, gold, precious and semi-precious, nickel-chrome, and chrome-cobalt to fabricate inlays, crowns, implant and partial frameworks.



Argon Atmosphere Melting/Pressure

This feature flows argon gas within the crucible and prevents oxidation of alloys. Casting pressure can be air or Ar-gas and is easily changed with a press of a button. Using the Ar-gas pressure to cast creates oxidation free casts which minimize finishing time


Melting Time Elapsed Pocket Buzzer

Even from a remote location, the pocket sized, pocket buzzer will beep 5 minutes before the end of the melt cycle (at one minute intervals) allowing the technician to concentrate on other work.


Ceramic Crucible Counter

To prevent damage due to cracked or broken crucibles, the unit has a crucible counter which tracks the usage of up to 32 ceramic crucibles. The counter keeps track of Hi/Lo temperature melting to calculate the maximum cast count, further diminishing crucible replacement costs, while keeping the machine in good order.


Easy Control of Various Functions

  • Can be programmed with 100 different casting programs

  • Can choose the melting atmosphere / pressure for individual alloys: air / Ar-gas

  • Can program the casting program automatically by inputting four alloy parameters

  • Can increase melting temperature without accessing the program during melting

  • Can shake the crucible to easily check the melt status with the press of a button

  • Can lengthen the life of the carbon crucible by minimizing the melting time

  • Can check the ceramic crucible count with the press of a button



Compact Size and Easy Set up

Compact Desktop Size enables use in the smallest In-house Dental Laboratory.
The voltage and amp. is AC120V at 15A and uses a regular household plug


  1. Outlet: Single phase AC120V, 15A
  2. Neo Super Cascom
  3. Regulator for Ar-gas
  4. Air Compressor: Required more than 73psi(0.5Mpa)
  5. Vacuum Pump
  6. Argon Gas canister



Power Requirement: Single Phase AC120V, 50/60 Hz, Max. 1.5kVA
Vac. Pump Outlet: Single Phase 120V, 0.3kVA
Pressurized Air: 0.5Mpa – 1.0Mpa (73psi – 146psi)
Argon Gas Pressure: 0.7Mpa – 0.8Mpa (102psi – 117psi)
Max. Temperature: 1500°C (2732F)
Dimension / Weight: 504(W) X 530(H) X 504(D) mm, 49kg (20(W) X 21(H) X 20(D) inches, 109lbs)

Standard Accessories

Crucible: Carbon 3pcs, Ceramic 3pcs
Casting Rings: ø43mm(1pc), ø60mm(1pc), ø76mm(1pc), ø90mm (1pc)
(1 1/2" (1pc), 2 1/2" (1pc), 3" (1pc), 3 1/2" (1pc) dia)
Sprue Former: ø43mm(1pc), ø60mm(1pc), ø76mm(1pc), ø90mm (1pc)
(1 1/2" (1pc), 2 1/2" (1pc), 3" (1pc), 3 1/2" (1pc) dia)
Manual: Instruction Manual 1 booklet, Casting Manual 1 booklet
Crucible Stand: 1pc
Hose: 10m (ø10mm x ø6.5mm) for Argon gas and Pressurized air
(33ft (1/2" x 1/4" dia) for Argon gas and Pressurized air)


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