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KDF Master S Porcelain Furnace

KDF Master S Porcelain Furnace
Brand: KDF
Product Code: Master S
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An ambitious achievement in porcelain furnace technology through long years of research and development by experts.

"Newly Developed Quartz Spiral Heater for Excellent Muffle Heat Distribution"

"No Vibration"

"Firing Process LED Indicator"

"Illumination Lamp Design"


Newly developed Quartz Spiral Heater

The upgraded unit features excellent muffle heat distribution and steady heat rise. We measured the improvement of the firing quality and this unit will prevent metal frame twisting, allowing you to produce natural color shades, translucency and uniform glaze.

Three Tray Robotic Firing Sysytem

The table and arm drives of the robotic firing system are quiet and controlled by a precision stepping motor system that enables you to set-up 3 trays of firing objects at a time. The 3 tray robotic firing system will automatically and sequentially place each tray into the muffle and remove it after firing is complete. Place the loaded trays into the robotic chamber and just press the START button. The fully automatic firing system will do the rest, allowing the ceramist to attend to porcelain build ups and other lab duties.

Firing Proccess LED Indicator

The illuminated rim lamp is installed on top of the main body. Each different color is illuminated in sequential order so that "at-a-glance" you will know the muffle temperature and state. The rim lamp can also be programmed to present different colors for each of the firing processes.
The firing process indicator is now installed on the front frame and enables you to see the firing process status with a glance from a distance.

No Vibration

Since the muffle is the component moving up and down, no vibration is applied to the firing object and the firing table remains very stable.

Other Features

"Large LCD Touch Panel"
"250 Storable Firing Program Slots"
"Cooling Fan on Outer Unit Frame for Safety"

One year warranty

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